You can back up a running obigstore database and get a consistent snapshot of the database with minimal disruption to operations easily via ob_repl as follows:

DUMP LOCAL TO "/destination/dir"

If there is already data from a previous dump available in the destination directory, only the differences since that dump will have to be retrieved in order to recover an up-to-date snapshot of the database (the underlying mechanism is the same one used in the initial replication phase). With commodity hardware (cheap spinning HDs and gigabit ethernet), you can expect the dump to proceed at a rate around 100 MB/s.

Partial database dumping

You can perform a partial DB dump of a set of tables (or all of them) within a keyspace with ob_dump, and reload it with ob_load. Note that, unlike DUMP LOCAL, ob_dump is not incremental and will always dump all the requested data; it is also less efficient than DUMP LOCAL because the data is decoded as it is dumped (so the speed is effectively determined by the sequential scan speed, which will typically be below 500000 columns/s). DUMP LOCAL is therefore preferrable in most cases.